Elinor Arendt          573-864-3881          Elinor2u@aol.com

Owner – Small Business                           

Investment Properties

Career in Real Estate Sales and ownership.  Most of career spent as owner of small businesses; first property management and then sales. 

Skills/Experience:  Management, Leadership, Start-ups, Human Relations and Sales

SCORE Interest: Helping people, especially women, start businesses and set goals, i.e. business plans.

Carl Block               573-642-8579          cxjblock@gmail.com

Owner – Small Business                                       

Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Printing and Mailing Operation

Professor of Business at the University of Missouri, took his own advice and set out to establish a major agricultural information service company which he later sold and purchased a commercial printing and mailing operation.  A good advisor for clients with plans for a large-scope endeavor. 

Skills/Experience: Start-ups, Finance, Management and Marketing

SCORE Interest:  Sorting the wheat from the chaff to help entrepreneurs succeed. 

William Boston           573-449-2875          wboston@centurytel.net

Airport Manager – Columbia, MO                    

Executive Director – Missouri State Board of Accountancy

Retired Air Force Colonel, moved to Columbia, took on management of the Regional Airport.  Former executive director of the Missouri State Board of Accountancy.  Member of Board of Directors of local Salvation Army.

Skills/Experience: Management, Leadership, Finance/Accounting

SCORE Interest:  Realistic goal setting, leader training

Joan Casey            573-442-8427          Joan@caseycpa.net

Owner – Accounting Firm                        

Just sold the CPA firm she established, willing to volunteer to help start-up businesses get started on the right foot.  Skilled in accounting, taxes, payroll.  A very valuable new member of SCORE. 

Skills/Experience: Accounting, Taxes and Start-ups

SCORE Interest:  Putting first things first, learning from the experience of others. 

John Dean            573-875-2018          deanproj@aol.com

President – Three Separate Industrial Companies

Lived and worked internationally.  Skilled in identifying the big picture and lining tasks up in appropriate order.  Builds in the future through strategic planning, management development, marketing. 

Skills/Experience: Management, Leadership, Marketing and Strategic Planning

SCORE Interest:  Analysis of businesses and helping people stay on track.

Gary Duncan          573-875-1725          goframeworks@aol.com

Owner – Small Business Retail Gift Shop

President – Seed Company

M.S. Oklahoma State University, started as a corn seed research station manager, evolved into President/CEO of three corn genetics companies.  Instead of retiring after those accomplishments, he and his wife moved to Columbia and launched a retail decorating store.  Therefore, he knows about changing gears into a totally different field.  Gary has served agriculture in many volunteer capacities, National FFA Foundation, National Agri-Marketing Association, and has held positions on the Presbyterian Church Foundation.

Skills/Experience: Start-ups, Management, Leadership, Biotechnology and Bioresearch

SCORE Interest: Helping a fellow man, especially in business.

Robert Elliott          573-268-0362          stockguy00@gmail.com

Business Owner                                                      

Skills/Experience: Start-ups, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Production Management

Charles Fagre          573-529-6279          chuckfagre@gmail.com

Business Manager                                                 

Thirty years of progressive management in corporate and field operating environments.  Scope of involvement includes mining operations, commercial construction, business info systems, financial management, procurement/logistics and personnel management. Clients/employers include Alaska Milling/Metallurgical, Anchorage; Dole Petro International, Menlo Park, Calif.; Fagre Construction, Estherville, Iowa.

Skills/Experience: Management, Client Relations, Finance, Operations Management

SCORE Interest:  Solving problems of a social or business nature.

Robert Forsee        573-449-7859          bobforsee@yahoo.com

Business Owner – Designer                                 

Currently a freelance designer; has worked as professor or instructor in colleges/institutes in the field of advertising, photo and graphic design, as well as founding his own full service business, Dodge Art Works.  Clients.employers include Steven Manufacturing (packaging, product development), Virginia Commonwealth University, Stephens College, MFA, Inc., Missouri Department of Natural Resources. 

SCORE Interest:  Helping businesses with advertising and graphic design. 

John French          317-496-5305          Jafrench@onet.net

Business Consultant                                  

Employers include:  Dow Chemical (sales, technical services, R&D), SynergyOne, LLC, Indianapolis, National FFA Foundation.  With Dow, helped design programs managing transportation, response, liaison with appropriate agencies in the shipping of chemicals.  Collaborated with several agencies in designing programs for leadership development in several fields.  With FFA, managed all aspects of corporate fundraising within the eastern United States.

Skills/Experience: Teambuilding, Leadership, Supervision, Marketing, Sales, Planning and Negotiation, Budgeting and Organization

SCORE Interest:  Helping start-up and struggling businesses to succeed

Red Leighton            573-449-5677


Career in sales – mostly paper products.  Does many volunteer activities.

Skills/Experience: Sales and Marketing

SCORE Interest: Helping people start business, especially in marketing.

Charles Lockwood         573-442-7109          cnlockwood@charter.net

Business Owner – Restoration Company and Manufacturing Company

Owns business building custom-made canoe paddles, sells via Internet. Formerly military, restaurateur and adjunct faculty member at William Woods University.

Skills/Experience: Start-ups, Management, Marketing, Sales and Retail Operations

SCORE Interest:  Helping start-ups find the passions in their own plans, and guiding already established businesses toward a logical correction, if necessary.

JoAnn Manhart            573-445-2074          jmanhart@juno.com

Business Owner                                          

Worked in California as statistician on a large egg ranch, eventually leading to position as director of the Missouri Egg Council and the Missouri Poultry Federation.  Major interests are Government Relations, Promotions and Public Relations.  Served as president of the Midwest Poultry Federation.  Speaker on radio, TV and at universities on the subject of poultry, eggs and agriculture.

Skills/Experience: Start-ups, Management, Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations

SCORE Interest:  Getting the message across without spending a lot of money.  

William Nix            573-268-9851          UCLABill@yahoo.com

Business Manager                                     

Authored several professional books published by Dow-Jones Irwin (McGraw-Hill).  Taught for UCLA’s International Trade and Commerce Certificate Program with such titles as “Doing Business in Europe,” “Internship in International Trade and Commerce,” and later UCLA’s Extension’s Certificate in Real Estate.

Skills/Experience: Commercial Real Estate, Investment Banking, Finance and Marketing

SCORE Interest:  Helping start-up businesses

John Rhein              573-234-7736          EAGLEPROF16@yahoo.com

Business Owner                                          

Spent much of his career in paper, printing, marketing, community organizing.  Successful in helping businesses see where their marketing efforts should be directed. 

Skills/Experience: Start-ups, Management, Marketing and Sales

SCORE Interest: Helping businesses with business plans and sales and marketing.

Joe Zimmerman            573-220-5949          joezimmermann@yahoo.com

Business Manager                                     

Much of his career spent in J.C. Penny stores, becoming local and regional manager.  In that field, there is no topic of the business world that is not experienced; hiring, firing, managing, tax, pricing, budgeting, advertising/sales, leasing, etc.

Skills/Experience: Retail Management, Budgeting, Human Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Sales

Interest:  Helping businesses, especially retail, in their start-up stage.